About EzyDome

Forget the usual microwave cover that you have to take it in and out every time you use. This is EzyDome, a whole new design of microwave cover with the easiest way to use. Put in and leave it inside, EzyDome will stay at the same place from start to stop the microwave. You don't need to remove it from microwave at all.Because of no magnet or metal parts inside, we are very confidence in its safety with 100% explosion free every time you use microwave. This long lasting design will make EzyDome to be your last microwave cover.EzyDome also come with the moisture capsule to help increase the moisture inside microwave while re-heating. Your food is definitely better than before.

EzyDome is the world first microwave cover that design to be a part of your microwave and you don’t have to take it out after re-heating. You will save more time and have an easier life in the kitchen.

How it works

EzyDome is not going to rotate along with the microwave plate while operating due to these magic legs will generate enough friction to stand still at the microwave floor.
That’s why EzyDome handle stay at the center of microwave every time you open after a ding sound!


A set of EzyDome is included with the moisture capsule which is specifically design to help increase moisture inside microwave.
Fill the capsule with water and plug it back into EzyDome.

When microwave start working, water inside the capsule will change to steam and create moisture in EzyDome. This process will make your food more appetizing and tastier.