• Q : What makes the JACK 20 oz tumbler different from the FLET tumbler?

A : JACK 20 oz tumbler got several upgrades from FLET tumbler. We've increased the size of the ice stick for faster cooling and also allows an easy removal of water from the stick, making the tumbler more compact and lighter. The lid has changed to thread system, providing a convenient, adventure-ready option with a guaranteed zero-leak experience.Lastly is the new way to enjoy the drink either from straw or sip directly from the cap.

  • Q : How does the ice stick work, and how long does it keep drinks cold?

A : The ice stick functions similarly to regular ice but will maintain the original taste without diluting your drink. Freeze it in your freezer before use, then place it in your tumbler to keep your beverages at iced cold level.Ice stick is designed to extend the coldness up to four times longer than the usual tumbler, providing extra refreshment for your beverages.

  • Q : Can I use the stick, lid, and case of the JACK 20 oz with the old model of the FLET tumbler?

A : No, due to the increased size of the ice stick and the modification of the lid to a threaded system in the JACK tumbler. The accessories are not interchangeable with older FLET model.This changes is specifically for the JACK 20 oz tumbler.

  • Q : What is the warranty period for the FLET tumbler JACK 20 oz?

A : The FLET tumbler JACK 20 oz comes with a 2-year warranty. This warranty is valid when the tumbler is used under normal conditions and for its intended purpose. It covers any faults in materials and workmanship but does not apply to damage resulting from unreasonable use or if you change your mind. To initiate a warranty claim, please reach out to us at flettumbler@gmail.com or our website fletstore.com

  • Q : Is it dishwasher safe?

A : Yes, all the parts are dishwasher safe.

  • Q : What is the surface finish of the tumbler?

A : The tumbler features a matte finish achieved through a stainless steel powder coating process.

  • Q : Can I replace the straw and can I drink from the tumbler without it?

A : Yes, you can use a standard straw available in the market, but the pop-up feature may not work with the others unless the one we provided. Additionally, you can easily sip directly from the lid without using a straw as well.

  • Q : How can I order additional ice sticks, infuse sticks, tumblers, or lids during and after this campaign?

A : During the campaign, you can add extra accessories to your order through the add-on section. After the campaign ends, all items will be available for purchase on our website at fletstore.com

  • Q : Can the tumbler maintain hot temperatures or use with hot drinks?

A : Yes, the FLET tumbler JACK 20 oz can retain both hot and cold temperatures effectively. For hot beverages, simply remove the ice stick, and the tumbler will keep your drink warm.

  • Q : Can I pour hot water directly over the stick's soft parts?

A : Yes, the silicone used in our stick is heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius.

  • Q : Do I need to fill the stick with water?

A : Yes, the stick operates on an open-loop system, allowing you to fill it with water and empty it as needed.
After each cleaning, we recommend refilling the stick with fresh water to ensure hygiene.

  • Q : What are the benefits of using the infuse stick, and how does it work?

A : The infuse stick lets you naturally flavor your drinks with fruits, herbs, coffee or tea, providing an eco-friendly alternative to a single-use flavored beverage packets. Simply load the stick with your desired ingredients to infuse your water or tea and enjoy the fresh-tasting beverages.

  • Q : Does the product microwavable?

A : All parts of JACK 20 oz tumbler are not microwavable.