Privacy policy

The privacy and security of your personal information is important to us. We implement the privacy concepts provided by the applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to local laws of Thailand and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure that your Personal Data (as defined below) will be collected, processed, used and shared in the appropriate manner and in accordance with the purpose we set out as follows. We also periodically train our staff and employees to comply with this privacy policy (“Policy”) and our Data Protection Officer is responsible to supervise our staff and employees in an appropriate manner.

This Policy of FLETELF Co., Ltd., (the “Company”, “we” or “our”) will govern our treatment of your Personal Data during the term of purchasing goods provided by us through our official website which customers transact via online store/platform (“Purchases”). For the purpose of this Policy, “Personal Data” means any information relating to an individual who can be identified particularly by reference of certain information given by such individual as requested by the Company for specific purposes in the following sections.

1. Personal Data We Collect

This Policy covers our collection, processing and treatment of the Personal Data on three (3) main categories.

  1. visiting and interacting with our website;
  2. payment via merchants’ platform; and
  3. company’s marketing communication.

Reason we collect is only to use your personal information to provide you the content services or to communicate with you about the services and also the warranty period of our products.

1.1 Visiting and Interacting with Our Website 

Data we collect: When visiting our website, we will record in our web server logs your Personal Data as follows:

  • First name and last name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Browser information (e.g. browser type and version, operating system, etc.) through user agent strings and metadata provided during the access request by your system;
  • Internet protocol (IP) Addresses and their associated location;
  • Date and time of visit;
  • Referral uniform resources locator (URL); and
  • Pages visited by such visitor on our website.

For our website visitor analysis systems we will also additionally collect:

  • Email address (when signing up);
  • Google UUID (Unique User ID)

Data processing and sharing: Access information is shared with our analytics provider, Google Analytics and Facebook using third party cookies.

Profiling: We use browser cookies to personalize contents and your preference, to selectively deliver and display the Company’s or others’ advertisements, to allow us to analyze statistical information of our website users including frequency and location of website access, and to measure conversion rate from website visit to account sign-ups. For this profiling purpose we embed third party javascript from Google and Facebook that share your browser information with them and link the site access with your browsing history using their cookies. In return, they provide us with anonymized visitor site usage analysis. Your actual user identity that you shared with these providers will not share with us. You consent to our browser cookies if you continue to use our website and decide not to block them.

Data Retention: The retention of the Personal Data collected for profiling is governed:

  • by Google Analytics where it will be be retained for 38 months; and
  • by Facebook Insights where it will be retained in accordance with the retention policy of Facebook.

Retention of logged access data that only provides IP and browser information of the accessing user, may be kept for one (1) year as required by PCI-DSS. Access to logs is strictly controlled and protected.

Your rights: When successfully shown that you are the owner of certain IP addresses at a certain time, we provide you with all information we have about it. You may request erasure of those IP addresses from our logs which we will comply if there is no regulation or obligation requiring it to be kept.

You can delete all site access and conversion data shared with Google anytime from

1.2 Payment via Our platform (online store) 

Data we collect: We are the online store and use third party only for financial transaction so all of your payment data will not collect.

1.3 Company’s Marketing Communication 

As part of our marketing and promotional plan, we may communicate with you through the channels (email, social media platform, telephone number and others) that you shared with us: (a) to provide information regarding our system and Services and (b) to advertise, deliver or promote our Services or our affiliates’ services.

Data retention and Sharing: We will retain the contact details and communication information under this section as we deem appropriate, to the extent provided by the applicable laws and regulations, and will not share such information to any persons, except our affiliate companies.

Your rights: At any time, you may contact us to cease to send and deliver you any marketing and promotional information. We will promptly remove your contact and communication information for such purpose upon your request.

2. Sharing of Your Personal Data

The Company will not share or disclose your Personal Data to any third parties, except:

  • where expressly indicated in the previous sections;
  • the Personal Data is provided through a business transfer by way of merger or other similar transactions;
  • the Company is required to cooperate with state or local governmental organizations or their agents to perform their duties or obligations pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, and such performance is likely to be precluded if the consent of the user must be obtained;
  • if the sharing or disclosure is requested by the owner of the Personal Data;
  • in any event we obtain specific consent from the owner of the Personal Data.

3. Protecting Children's Personal Data

We do not intend to provide our Services to individuals under legal ages. We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children’s internet usage and to help enforce this Policy by instructing their children never to provide their Personal Data through the website or our Services without their permission.

4. Dispute Resolution

Any claim or dispute arising from or in connection with this Policy shall be resolved by the competent court of Thailand.

5. Inquiries

Should you have any suggestions, questions, complaints, or other inquiries in connection with this Policy, please do not hesitate to communicate with our data protection officer at our contact points as follows.

Our Offices


55/148 Saranrom Village, Prasert-Manukitch Rd., Nawamin, Bung Kum, Bangkok 10230

Our email

At any time, you may request to have your Personal Data maintained by us returned to you or removed by emailing us or use the provided portal (in case of merchants). Requests to access, change, or remove your information will be handled within thirty (30) days. To protect your privacy and security, we may take steps to verify your identity before complying with the request.

6.Changes to This Policy

The Company may amend this Policy from time to time. Such changes will be highlighted when accessing the Services and you may access to the latest version of our Policy on our website.