1,400 million of plastic cups consumed per day in our world.

That’s a shocking number of waste increasing daily and as far as we know, there’s no sign to drop down.

With FLET tumbler, we can reduce the usage of plastic disposable cups. All of our parts are reusable. You can enjoy your favourite drinks without harming the mother earth.

We’re now facing the global warming issues and not only the arctic glacier in the north pole melts.

We all see ice melted into our drinks after a few hours.

And believe us that ice is dirty.

How often the restaurant clean their ice making machine?

How do you know they clean it on schedule?

What if we make the ice by ourselves at home?

Use FLET tumbler to prevent the ice contamination. Feel the same iced cold drinks but healthier.

Food delivery has become one of the most growing business around the world. One time used plastics cutlery come along with these delivery. 

How many ton of plastic wastes we've thrown it away ?    

The nature has been restored after we’ve spend the time during quarantine period in COVID-19 pandemic. And please, it’s our duty to take care the mother earth.


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